M/Y Pangaea Audio Upgrade

After meeting Captain Ferdi Heymann from “M/Y PANGAEA” at the Superyacht show in Monaco, we were dismayed to hear just how bad the service had been from his previous AV suppliers. Happy to take on the project, we consulted at length with Ferdi regarding exactly what the owner wanted to achieve with the AV upgrades on-board. M/Y Pangaea spends a lot of time in tropical climates,which causes mayhem with the external deck speakers installed in the roof spaces.

We were told “the owner is a bit of an audiophile”, so serious consideration needed to be given when recommending replacement speakers for the project. Another key consideration was size, both physical circumference and depth, which ruled out quite a few obvious choices.

After a lot of research and discussion, we decided to go with Monitor Audio. With a range of speakers that are fully enclosed in the rear, less acoustic reverberation is generated within the wall space resulting in a noticeable improvement in the sound
space and frequency response. Used for a mixture of both pure music enjoyment and as a 5.1 system for the AV/TV system, 6 x CP-WT380IDC speakers were specified for the upgrades in the saloon. 8 x CT 265 speakers were specified for the external deck upgrades.

This upgrade was orchestrated while the yacht was at sea in the Indian Ocean. The existing amplification was used in the form of 3 x Yamaha rx3030’s. The new speakers were shipped to Male in the Maldives, and installed by the crew.
Finally, detailed consultation with us regarding installation, setup and Eq was provided to ensure everything was top notch before the arrival of the owner.
The result…Happy crew, happy captain, and a very happy owner.