About us

Charles Bradley, founder of Superyacht AV, is a principal engineer for countless major recording artists around the world has worked in the music industry for almost three decades, and is regarded as one of the top engineers in his field in the world. His vast experience and extensive knowledge in audio engineering, project management, and team leadership make him the elite clients obvious choice.
Working along side companies such as  JH Audio and Avid in researching and developing new products, while additionally enhancing and improving existing products gives us an edge. Charles has achieved success across an extremely diverse variety of artists, lending him a unique expertise that is unparalleled. about IMG_0225 blog-img

Charles works in live sound, touring around the world mixing both IEM’s (in-ear-monitors) and Front-of-House audio.

Artists can sometimes experience isolation while performing live on stage. The first step is resolving any issues from previous tours, creating mix-downs with true dynamic range, marrying performance and sound, and ultimately enveloping the artist in the entire stage environment, making them one with the band.

An experienced yacht skipper, Charles has coupled his detailed understanding of audio and creating an overall optimum entertainment experience with his passion for the sea. The result has been successfully driven AV projects for clients/yacht owners around the world. His passion for the sea and his drive to succeed, coupled with his love of all things technical, makes him and Superyacht AV the ideal choice.

References from tour and production managers, clients and industry partners are available upon request.