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DynamiQ GTT135

6th Feb 2021

DynamiQ Launch their first GTT135 Superyacht.

Audio mixing webinars & interviews

World renowned audio engineer and founder of Superyacht-Av, Charles Bradley, talks about mixing, technology and life on the road


Charles Bradley with McDowell signal processing

The crowd forms outside down Geary as they wait for the doors of the Filmore to open to a sold out show. The excitement and anticipation seems to be at the same level it was 25+ years ago for a Duran Duran concert. Monitor engineer Charles Bradley is at the Avid VENUE Profile showing us his favorite McDSP plug-ins before the concert. Tonight they are in San Francisco, tomorrow they are a main act at Cochella.

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Why Custom In-Ears ?

Life on stage can be a tough environment, roaring crowds, screaming girls, making it tough to actually hear yourself and the other people on stage around you. Enter custom fit headphones, not just any old headphone though, one of out favourites are the JHAudio Roxanne, featuring 12 time and phase aligned miniature drivers in each ear.

What does that mean ? well now we are talking about the highest quality sound you can imagine, a small concert sound system fitting snugly into your ear canal. Without a perfect seal, sound waves from ambient noise can venture in and out at their leisure, disrupting your listening experience. This means lower quality audio – and a high likelihood of ear fatigue. With JH Audio’s meticulously molded IEMS, you’ll lock in a full range of sound – without any irritating disruptions. And we’re talking the full range of human hearing – from 20Hz to 20kHZ. (We should also mention here that our IEMs can reproduce sounds from 10Hz to 20kHz-23kHz if you add an amp – Yeah, we know, it's pretty awesome.)

Now take a look at the JHAudio custom art library and you can pimp these headphones to the max, as individual as any yacht interior.

Thats why we talk Custom.

Speak to us about our signature SYAV version.



It was the early ‘90s when Charles ‘Chopper’ Bradley first got into the audio biz. Originally, he wanted to work in either film or TV, but he got the bug for audio after working club nights with live bands. The rest, as they say, is history. We sit down with Chopper to talk mixing dos and don’ts, industry sticking points, and how to keep one of the world’s most notable touring bands happy for a decade and more.

Headliner Magazine

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Charles Bradley Selects Avid VENUE S6L For Duran Duran Tour

Avid announced that Charles Bradley, a live sound engineer who has mixed monitors for artists including Annie Lennox, Shakira, Snow Patrol, Robbie Williams, and more, selected an Avid VENUE | S6L system on Duran Duran’s “Paper Gods” tour. Read the full article