Room Mapping & Commisioning

One of the services that sets us apart from other AV companies is our extensive experience in the live sound arena. These are challenging surroundings often requiring not only a deep understanding of a huge range of high tech tools but also the ability to think outside the box and interpret what is required for each individual project.
Having spent over 25 years on tour around the world with many A list artists our experience in setting up huge multi zone audio systems is second to none.

Our mission here at Superyacht Av is to utilise these unique tallents to offer unprecedented audio experiences to our clients.

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Having your expensive TV’s, amp’s and speaker systems installed onto and into your boat or home should not be the end of the process.

It's important to understand that every aspect of a room affects its sound. Speaker placement is often less than ideal audio wise on a boat, but once they are placed, windows, soft furnishings, floor coverings and the like all play a role in how we hear the sound they are trying to reproduce.

The images below are examples of measurements made for optimal room acoustics / seating position, the freq response measurement in graphical form, & the calibration microphone used to take the measurements.


**Examples of a before and after sweep, you can see the frequency correction and target curve in red.

Room Measurement microphone
Audio test sweep for room mapping

CLICK the Video Below which shows a sweep of the room being taken, just 1 of around 30 measurements that are taken for each audio area.