Cellular Data,Networks & WiFi

The need for increasingly large amounts of data can often be overlooked when it comes to Superyachts. Smart tech, streaming services, Video calls or even just guests trying to upload 4k video of the kids eats data.  As any yacht owner will also know satellite data is, even now very expensive and slow.  In recent years huge advances in Cellular modem technology means that these costs can be reduced by implementing Hot Failover switching between a high spec cellular install  and Satellite services.

Hardware like the Pepwave HD4MBX can give you land like broadband speeds by aggregating 4 independent modems into one WAN data stream can provide router throughput up-to 2.5Gbps (dependent on the installation , antenna type, location and available cellular towers). Couple this with Pepwave's range of Enterprise grade network switches, and Wifi6 enabled enterprise grade wifi Ap's and your yachts data hungry range of 'Smart" tech can stream to its hearts content.  We can supply Sim card Data packages to go along with your system too.

Talk to us about data solutions now and see where we can take you.

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Above : Pepwave HD4MBX 4x cellular modem.

Right : An example of a large array install 

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Photo 28-07-2020, 17 21 35 (1)
Poynting antenna array