Charles Bradley Selects Avid VENUE S6L For Duran Duran Tour

Avid announced that Charles Bradley, a live sound engineer who has mixed monitors for artists including Annie Lennox, Shakira, Snow Patrol, Robbie Williams, and more, selected an Avid VENUE | S6L system on Duran Duran’s recent “Paper Gods” tour.

With processing capabilities, modern touchscreen operation, and familiar VENUE workflows, VENUE | S6L gave Bradley the power and flexibility he needed to deliver in-ear mixes for the band.

“VENUE S6L delivers great live sound—it’s a lot richer and deeper,” said Bradley.

“The band noticed the difference straight away. As soon as we went into rehearsals on the first day, John Taylor, the bass player, turned around and said, ‘It sounds incredible.’”

VENUE | S6L offers power to handle huge channel counts while ensuring stability and the low latency. VENUE | S6L is powered by the same easy-to-use VENUE software as other Avid live sound systems, and the show file compatibility enabled Bradley to quickly transition from the VENUE | Profile he used on previous tours to the new system.

VENUE | S6L enabled Bradley to easily handle stereo in-ear monitor mixes, backline mixes and more, with immediate one-touch access to any mix on the faders.

“It’s really refreshing with S6L to not have to think about having enough outputs,” said Bradley. “Anytime anybody has wanted anything, the answer has always been yes.”

VENUE | S6L offers integrated live recording capabilities, providing Pro Tools recording and playback. Using Pro Tools and VENUE’s Virtual Soundcheck feature, Bradley was able to fine-tune mixes for individual band members during rehearsal.

“Being able to drop straight in and straight out of Pro Tools instantly on the S6L and being able to de-select a few channels back into live mode while you’re still in playback mode is incredible,” said Bradley.

“I spent one afternoon with just the guitar player who wanted to work a few of his mixes with me and it meant we didn’t need anybody else. We could just literally play everything back with the exception of his vocal mic and his guitar. It’s genius.”