M/Y Skye is the second yacht I have been skipper on that Charles, and Superyacht AV, has been responsible for. As Skipper, my main priorities regarding onboard AV are simple and intuitive control and reliability of use for the owner and guests alike. The yacht wide integration system onboard Skye means we can control everything from our phones, or the yacht’s iPads, without having to disturb anyone.

With neat and unobtrusive installation, Superyacht AV’s system is slick in both operation and presentation. Using Savant as the main control throughout.The audio quality in every area of the yacht is unsurpassed and testament to Charles’ skill and experience, with 4k video distribution we have the whole package onboard. Support and communication is quick and easy, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Robin Shellcock, M/Y Skye Captain,

“Superyacht AV is all about service, and this is what sets them aside from the competition. From when I met Charles Bradley at the Monaco Show in 2016 and we were chatting about the issues I was having on-board, his main concern was that we would be satisfied. He really went out of his way to work within our budget and get us the highest quality product and service to meet our needs. He was timely and efficient during the project. His eye for detail meant that I didn’t have to ask the questions, as he already had given me all the answers I needed. Because of his wealth of knowledge and experience gained from years in the audio industry, we obtained the best audio setup I have come across yet! “

Thanks for the help Charlie ! I can definitely recommend you!


M/Y Pangaea, Ferdi Heymann – Captain “M/Y PANGAEA”

As an owner of yacht companies, I deal with some of the largest and most prestigious yachts in the world. I will only work with Charles and Superyacht-AV for new construction projects and refits/retrofits.

The greatest frustration with 99% of marine AV companies globally, is that they cannot bring themselves to the level of the end operators – the owner, guests and crew.

Owners and guests on yacht need a simple and quick solution to operate systems they are not readily familiar with. Additionally, owners & guests want those systems to be state of the art. Often complicated substandard equipment is an Achilles heel to any yacht and it’s crew, which can result in valuable crew time being used to inform guests on how to operate what should be a user friendly device.

Charles’ total package encompasses the most important elements of Marine AV – simple usability for owners/guests and easy maintenance by crew, while designing top of the line and durable systems. His work has been celebrated by yacht owners internationally, he is the only choice for yachts & superyachts, as well as luxury houses around the world.

NIGEL BEATTY, Director of The Someya Group

Charlie is one of the best In-Ear Monitor Engineers I’ve ever come across. His patience and attention to detail puts him leagues ahead of the competition. The esteemed list of satisfied artists he has worked with, including my tours with Robbie Williams and Duran Duran, makes for impressive reading. For me, designing sound systems is a natural extension of his skills. If he can make the plethora of horrible venues we are faced with on a daily basis sound good to artists used to perfection in recording studios, he can make a Stateroom on a yacht feel like Wembley Arena with his eyes closed.

WOB ROBERTS, Production Manager: One Direction, Robbie Williams, Coldplay

Charlie Bradley has been looking after my ears for the past decade. There is nobody on this planet I trust more to make my audio world sound right. When Yasmin & I finally get round to installing a new, integrated, home AV system, he’s the person I’m going to ask to design it.

SIMON LE BON, Lead Vocals: Duran Duran

Having placed my order for a new Sunseeker M65 I asked my good friend Charles at Superyacht-Av to take a look at the AV specifications for me. The brief was to install a Hi-Spec boat wide system with cutting edge technology, while remaining user friendly for myself and guests alike. Throughout the consultation period pro’s and cons of various systems were discussed, and after a few revisions a final Spec was determined.

The process was painless and his execution seamless. I observed first hand Charles’ ingenuity and passion for thinking outside the box and his painstaking attention to detail. While working with the boatyard and their skilled team his hands on approach was first rate from beginning to end during the

The results exceeded my initial expectations and I couldn’t be happier. There is no one I would recommend more, than Charles and Superyacht-AV, to anyone wanting a new or upgraded system for their boat.

STUART GIBSON, The Redwood Group