Why Custom In-Ears?

Because you’re special. That’s why.

Your ears are special. Sure, they’re full of ear wax and probably some nasty hairyness, but they’re unique, just like a fingerprint. So in other words, don’t stick just anything in there. No matter how much your buddies at the bar are offering.

JH Audio IEMs are shaped specifically for your ear – and your ear only – allowing for the most perfect seal possible with your ear canal. “Fits like a glove” doesn’t even begin to offer descriptive justice. This is as close to man-melding-with-machine technology as you can possibly get – and it’s all in the name of pure, sweet sound.

Without a perfect seal, sound waves from ambient noise can venture in and out at their leisure, disrupting your listening experience (Bastards!). This means lower quality audio – and a high likelihood of ear fatigue. With JH Audio’s meticulously molded IEMS, you’ll lock in a full range of sound – without any irritating disruptions. And we’re talking the full range of human hearing – from 20Hz to 20kHZ. (We should also mention here that our IEMs can reproduce sounds from 10Hz to 20kHz-23kHz if you add an amp – Yeah, we know, we’re pretty awesome.)

So what does all this custom mumbo jumbo mean? Well, let us boil it down: The second you pop these babies into your ear canals you can expect a virtual vortex of audio – and sound so pure, you’ll never miss a beat.